About Us

We are a family company in Valencia dedicated to commercialisation, mostly of citrus fruits and all types of fruit and vegetables.

We create a direct relationship between customers and suppliers, thus offering the best certified products at competitive prices for export.

We are committed to offer fruit of excellent quality all year round with the best flavour and all the freshness of the countryside.

Our employees and customers are part of our family and friends, and thanks to this complicity we have been able to grow without losing our principles.

Looking to the future

We follow an expansion policy,
seeking new markets

Markets and Commercialisation


We commercialise and export to the most competitive markets in Europe, Asia, Canada and the Middle and Far East.


From our offices we coordinate and supervise the output, transport and delivery of the products from the shipping plant to the port of destination.


Our commercialisation chain is supported by two commercial offices located in Spain and Saudi Arabia with the objective of reaching optimum fluidity in our contact with our customers and suppliers.


Our principal mission is to transform the commercialisation into a full guarantee so that both customers and suppliers have their needs fully satisfied in each stage of production, commercialisation and logistics.


This allows us to systematically and continually deliver, month by month, a variety of products so that the client does not need to worry about finding a supplier.

In order to minimise any type of risk by taking policies that cover the widest range of vicissitudes that often occur in the case of maritime transport.

We have a strict control of the price and the different variables offered by the market, thus ensuring optimum handling of the commercialisation chain.

In order to optimise the commercialisation of the product and reduce the inherent risks to the benefit of those that entrust their products to us.

In order to acquire correct updates on the advances in the dynamics of the sector.


We use all available human and technological resources for the service of pre-selection and selection of the fruit in order to prepare it depending on the requirements of each customer.

Compliance with the times demanded by the fruit and the markets is a fundamental priority. For this reason, we have strategic alliances with the principal shipping lines on the market that guarantee the quality parameters imposed by the standards required by the international markets.

This is achieved through strict controls by professionals that are highly qualified in the various scopes of classification, packaging and distribution of the fruit.